Nemco Contract Electronics Manufacturer

Nemco – Client since 2019

Type of business: Electronics manufacturer/plastics packaging production

Services used:

Cleaning Services, Adhoc Carpet Cleaning, Decontamination, Deep Cleaning

Challenges: Adjusting our cleaning services to suit their particular needs. Being an electronics manufacturing company, we need to be very specific about our cleaning tasks on the workshop floors. We use specialised antistatic products to clean and maintain their ESD floors and train our cleaners specifically for this purpose. This means that our cleaning schedule and method statements reflect the particular cleaning needs of this specific environment.

How we overcame this: We ensure our cleaners are regularly trained and the cleaning is closely monitored to ensure the particular cleaning needs are being met. We keep in close contact with the customer to obtain feedback on a regular basis and carry out audits to make sure the ESD floors and production areas are being cleaned according to specification.