Cyrus Capital Partners

Cyprus Capital – Client since 2009

Type of business: Global Investment Advisors

Services used:

Cleaning of offices, Deep cleaning & Decontamination services

Challenges: Assisting the client with a big office move and maintaining a high quality of cleaning services.

How we overcame this: Have been with them since 2009 and have moved along with them when they changed their offices a few years ago. We have had a very close working relationship, the cleaner on site is really proactive and has been working with them for many years. They trust the cleaner very much and value her as part of their team.

What our client says:The service we receive from Securaclean in friendly and fabulous! Edna our regular cleaner is a delight and we trust her implicitly. The Securaclean team has always been incredibly professional and helpful. WE have trusted them for over 10yrs and Edna is as much a part of our team as anybody else. - Elizabeth Slocum