Anacott Capital

Anacott Capital – Client since 2020

Type of business: Real estate office

Services used:

daily cleaning of their offices/deep clean/carpet clean/kitchen clean

Challenges: We were recommended to Anacott by another customer of ours. The offices were extremely unclean as they had been let down by their previous cleaners so we needed to do an outstanding job and re-build their trust in contract cleaners!

How we overcame this: We’ve worked closely with the customer to ensure their requirements are being met and to reassure them of our best intentions by providing a quality cleaning service with flexibility where required.

What our client says:“Overall, we are very satisfied with SecureaClean. Cleaning is done on a regular basis and on dates that we agreed on, without dates being accidently missed out (something we experienced in the past with another company). Our cleaner is very diligent, and cleaning is done to a high standard. I also appreciate that a cleaner always leaves a note in case something is running out and needs to be ordered. In addition, communication and overall email response is pretty efficient. Keep doing great job!” - Maria Sotakova